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Team Rules

Parkview Swim and Dive is a competitive varsity team with a tradition of excellence in athletics, sportsmanship, and academic achievement.  The rules are intended to bring the best out of each athlete to maintain one of the best swim and dive programs in the state.  


All varsity swimmers and divers are expected to attend practice unless otherwise excused by the coaches.  

  • Attendance for year round swimmers and divers will be tracked through their respective coaches.
  • Athletes participating in other school related fall sports will be excused from swim practice until the fall season ends.
  • Athletes participating in school related spring sports should finish the swim and dive season before beginning his/her spring sport.
  • In the case of a family emergency or sickness, communication is key!  Doctors' notes should be provided in the case of sickness.
  • If an athlete must miss practice due to an academic related activity such as band, the athlete should communicate with the coach in advance.
  • The swim and dive team practices through the holidays.  Two practices will be excused, but athletes are expected to be at practice.
  • Failure to be prepared for practice (i.e. forgetting a swimsuit) will count as an unexcused absence.
  • Meet attendance is required unless otherwise excused by the coach.
  • All athletes should ride the bus to and from meets that are not located at the Mountain Park Aquatic Center.
  • If an athlete has attendance below 90%, the coaches reserve the right to remove the athlete from the team.


  • Swimmers, divers, and managers will conduct themselves in a manner that represents Parkview High School well.  This applies to practice, meets, bus rides, team dinners, and while in the classroom.
  • Pictures, language, and/or materials posted on a team member's social media that violate any of Parkview High School's rules including but not limited to drugs, alcohol, and bullying is strictly prohibited.
  • Swimmers, divers, and managers are not permitted to consume any alcohol or drug, including cigarettes, vapes, and/or e-cigarettes.
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